Coiler/Straightener Machine Combination

Technical Characteristics Coiler

  • Stable welded coiler frame
  • Ball bearing coiler crown with covering cross
  • Hydraulic spreading of the coiler mandrel
  • Hydro motor drive, forwards and backwards for threading in
  • Dual circuit safety hydraulic brake
  • Press roll, pneumatically controlled
  • Completely pneumatic equipment with maintenance unit
  • Central adjustment of the girders
  • 6 piece coil limit

Technical Characteristics Straightener Machine Combination

  • Stable welded construction
  • Universal straightening control with scale graduation, individual roller operation
  • Straightening roller driven underneath
  • Straightening roller hardened and ground
  • Side belt guide roller, hardened
  • Frequency converted three phase drive for continuously variable control of the belt speed
  • Coil loop adjustment via ultrasound sensor
  • Programmable and automatic operation
  • Equipment set up to aid belt threading with fixed table and threading guide, pneumatic lifting and sinking of the belt infeed bridge
  • Straightener top (upper roller) can be opened up by pneumatic cylinder for cleaning purposes

Both machines are mounted together on a single base.